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​​38 Special performed at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, AZ on October 18, 2017.
They rocked the house down playing all of their hits including "Hold On Loosely", "Caught Up In You", "Second Chance", "Fantasy Girl", "Something Like You", "Back Were You Belong", and many, many more. They had the audience dancing and having a great time.
They came back for a 3rd encore and then played Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll.
They were fantastic! 
It was a great night of hearing some great music.
Rock On! 
More on 38 Special:

38 Special (also written .38 Special) is an American rock band that was formed by neighborhood friends Don Barnesand Donnie Van Zant in 1974 in Jacksonville, Florida.

The band's first two albums had a strong southern rock influence. By the early 1980s, .38 Special shifted to a more accessible arena rock style without abandoning its southern rock roots. This shift helped to usher in a string of successful albums and singles. Survivor co-founder Jim Peterik has been a frequent songwriting collaborator of the band's since 1980, which may account for this shift and subsequent success.

Their breakthrough hit was "Hold On Loosely" (1981). "Caught Up in You" (1982) and "If I'd Been the One" (1984) both hit No. 1 on Billboard magazine's Album Rock Tracks chart. "Back Where You Belong" (1984) continued the annual sequence of radio favorites. In 1985 they had another hit with "Teacher, Teacher", written by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. The song climbed to #4 on the Billboard Top Tracks Chart, spending 10 weeks on the chart from the soundtrack of the 1984 film Teachers. "Second Chance" was a No. 1 hit on Billboard's adult contemporary chart in 1989, from Rock & Roll Strategy, followed by "The Sound of Your Voice" in 1991 (Billboard Hot 100 #33) from Bone Against Steel and "Fade to Blue" from the album Resolution which made it to #33 on the Mainstream Rock chart in 1997.

In 2007, 38 Special was the opening act on Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams Jr.'s Rowdy Frynds Tour, and on September 27, 2008, they filmed a CMT Crossroads special with country singer Trace Adkins, performing both artists' hits from over the years. In 2009, 38 Special opened for REO Speedwagon and Styx as part of the "Can't Stop Rockin' Tour."

As of 2011, the lineup consists of Don Barnes, guitarist Danny Chauncey, keyboardist Bobby Capps, drummer Gary Moffatt, and bassist Barry Dunaway. In 2012 a notice was posted on 38 Special's website saying Van Zant would not tour with the band due to health issues related to inner-ear nerve damage, although he would continue to write and record with the band. In 2013, after nearly a year of missing performances, it was confirmed that Donnie Van Zant had officially left 38 Special after 39 years, and was retiring from music. In 2014, longtime bassist Larry Junstrom was replaced by Barry Dunaway. Dunaway has filled in for Junstrom for a handful of shows in 2011, and a few shows in 2013 as well. Junstrom was forced to retire due to a hand injury, that required surgery. This leaves only Don Barnes as an original member, although Barnes was absent from the band from 1987 until 1992.

​After more than three decades together, 38 SPECIAL continue to bring their signature blast of Southern Rock to over 100 cities a year. And at each and every show, thousands of audience members are amazed by the explosive power of the band's performance.

 Their many Gold and Platinum album awards stand in testament to the endurance of a legendary powerhouse.

 With sales in excess of 20 million, most associate the band with their arena-rock pop smashes, “Hold On Loosely,” “Rockin’ Into the Night,” “Caught Up in You,” “Fantasy Girl,” “If I’d Been the One,” “Back Where You Belong,” “Chain Lightnin’,” “Second Chance,” and more – Timeless hits that remain a staple at radio, immediately recognizable from the first opening chord, and paving the way to their present-day touring regimen.

Guitarist/vocalist DON BARNES says it's all about maintaining that intensity in their live shows. “We never wanted to be one of those bands that had maybe gotten a little soft or complacent over the years. We're a team, and it's always been kind of an unspoken rule that we don’t slack up, we stack up. We go out there every night to win.”

 It is that steely determination that lives on in the hearts of these ‘Wild-Eyed Southern Boys.'
Completing the team is guitarist/vocalist DANNY CHAUNCEY, bassist BARRY DUNAWAY, drummer GARY MOFFATT and keyboardist/vocalist BOBBY CAPPS.  For 38 Special onstage, it is a celebration of camaraderie and brotherhood, a precision unit bringing the dedication and honesty to a long history of classic songs, as well as surprisingly fresh new material.

Since 1976, the band has released more than 15 albums. And from the start, they’ve toured relentlessly, bringing their signature brand of ‘muscle and melody’ to fans worldwide.

 Barnes adds, "This music keeps our wheels on the road. We're a band that's tried to stay honest with what has driven us over the years. We started out with nothing but bold determination to make our own history and to endure. Looking back now, it has been our greatest pride to have persevered and attained that level of success and longevity. For us, it's the ultimate validation.”

 Around the fall of 2009, the notion of releasing a new live album started to take precedent. The band felt that their in-concert offering many years before had lacked in sound quality not yet available in the technologically-advanced decade since. Additionally, a need to showcase a new spirit of 38 Special was growing, a band that had matured into a tighter unit after three decades on the road, with an innate ability to read each other on the stage.

Barnes explains, "Back then, we had been rushed to release something quickly without having the luxury of choosing between different performances. It was a single show in the 90's that had been recorded at a venue where logistics were a real challenge, the weather wasn't cooperating, and we ended up not entirely satisfied with what we got. 

 For LIVE FROM TEXAS, we were able to carry our digital recording equipment with us to several cities, and now had our own private studio for remixing. So this was going to be a real pleasure to put together. The crowds were massive and all of those classic songs deserved a chance to shine in an enhanced live fashion. We were finally able to deliver what we represent onstage."

 Their initial idea was to make a live recording available exclusively at the band's shows, with an eye toward having fans take home a copy to carry on the party. But what they found as they listened back – after gleaning select tracks from various cities across Texas - was a blistering new set with a distinct difference in performance as well as audio quality than years before. It grew into an excitedly motivated plan to make available to the world 38 SPECIAL - LIVE FROM TEXAS, a collectively proud history of a band that has made the road a part of its heritage.

 “And the magic's still there,” adds Barnes. "It's an emotional high for us to keep 'bringing it' after all these years. That's what you hear on the new live stuff, that sense of urgency and power.”

 “When those lights go down and we all walk up those steps to the stage and hear that crowd roar, it’s a real rush to the head. It feels like we're getting ready to strap ourselves in and it just takes off from there."

Don Barnes

Don Barnes is the consummate musician. He is a gifted singer, songwriter, performer, guitarist, instrumentalist, and producer. However, his talent is not merely the result of inherent genius, but of years of persistence, determination, self-discipline, sweat, and good old-fashioned hard work. In essence, Don is a self-made man.

As a seasoned music veteran, Don is one of those exceptional artists who continue to improve over time. He still possesses the passion, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the ever-changing musical landscape. Always one to challenge himself, and driven to perfection, Don's soulful vocals, prolific songwriting, and red-hot guitar-playing have never been better.

Offstage, there is more to Don Barnes than meets the eye. He is as witty, intelligent, and personable as he is talented. Although his love for music is consistently apparent, it is his appreciation of the fans that leaves a lasting impression.

 Danny Chauncey

It has been said that the mark of a great guitarist is their ability to create their own signature sound. Since 1987, Danny Chauncey's unique style has contributed to the continuing success of 38 Special.

A guitar virtuoso, Danny exhibits his technical prowess with precision and class. Preferring substance over show, Danny plays with deliberate cool. His simple, uncluttered technique speaks more of soul and feel than flamboyance and speed.

In addition to his role as guitarist, Danny is a remarkable songwriter and producer. He has earned the respect of both audiences and critics alike.

Danny always has time for the fans, visiting and signing autographs after the show. His innate ability to relate to the younger crowd will, no doubt, serve as an inspiration to many future guitarists.

It is this unassuming attitude, combined with his extraordinary talent, that has made Danny an integral part of 38 Special.

 Bobby Capps

The man pounding the boards!
Having played throughout Florida's local club scene, Arkansas native Bobby Capps has found his home as keyboardist and vocalist for 38 Special. Since 1991, Bobby's contributions have helped round out the band's distinctive southern sound.

Although he usually provides backup vocals, Don and Donnie graciously hand over the reigns for the song, "Second Chance." A staple of the band's live medley, "Second Chance" gives Bobby the opportunity to really show his chops.

"Chris Henderson of "3 Doors Down" and Bobby Capps of "38 Special" are proud to announce the opening of their studio, "Rivergate Studio's" in Hendersonville, TN. Formally "Hipp Studio's", it is a full service studio with state of the art Protools HD 3 and tons of "Class A" preamps. They have four isolated booths and a drum room. "A" and "B" control rooms. Also, a separate rehearsal facility. "Guaranteed best rates in town." Visit our web site at >www.rivergatestudios.net< and on myspace at  >www.myspace.com/rivergatestudioshendersonville< or give us a call at (615) 590-7796. And, coming soon "Rivergate Studio's Cyber Space". A totally cool networking site for musicians, writers, production folks, and well....almost anyone in the entertainment biz!!! Be sure to keep checking the site for this awesome opportunity to find the perfect person for your next project!!!"

Gary Moffatt

MONSTER Drummer Gary Moffatt has the admiration of the band's die-hard supporters. He is one of the few percussionists who can entertain a crowd with an extended drum solo.

Gary's electrifying, skin-pounding talents even "scare" Donnie - a compliment, to be sure. His tight fills and steely-hard backbeats are the foundation of 38's hard-driving rhythms.

Despite his intimidating, massive presence, Gary is a humble, friendly man who enjoys meeting the fans.

Gary has recently complete work on an instructional video for Drum School This amazing video is for drummers of all levels. Gary demonstrates the ultimate goal...he utilizes all the sticking patterns and hand & foot combinations contained throughout this video. Gary shows you how to apply these exercises to music. He adds his own personal technique and style to his performance. Gary also displays his versatility around the drum kit, by playing a few different styles of music. The music Gary performs encompasses a wide variety of styles ranging from Funk to driving Progressive Rock with numerous timing changes, feels, and moods. This video is a MUST HAVE if you are learning to play the drums.

Endorsements: PEARL Drums, EVANS Drumheads, SABIAN Cymbals, VIC FIRTH Drumsticks, AUDIX Microphones, & GROOVEJUICE

For more information about Gary check out his personal website: GaryMoffatt.com

 Barry Dunaway

The newes t member of the Southern rock group 38 Special, is a gifted and versatile bassist, singer and songwriter. With his growling bass tones, kinetic stage persona and soulful vocals, Barry brings to the 38 family an undeniable amount of talent and experience.

Fans will be pleased with this newest 38 addition. Barry is previously best known for his work with Swedish heavy-metal guitar virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen. In the late 1980’s & ‘90’s, Barry performed on nine of Malmsteen’s albums—two of which have gold status in Japan, “Facing the Animal” and “Alchemy”. Also to his credit, Barry has four world tours with Malmsteen. Other notable bands include Riggs, Whiteface, Joe Lynn Turner, Saraya, The Pat Travers Band and Survivor. Barry has also been a prominent member of Voices of Classic Rock/Rock & Pop Masters which was a collaboration of many rock legends such as Ronnie Hammond-(Atlanta Rhythm Section); John Cafferty-(Beaver Brown Band); Bill Champlin-(Chicago); Steve Augeri (Journey); Mike Reno - (Loverboy); Glen Hughes-(Deep Purple); Alex Ligertwood-(Santana) and many others. Along the way, through his friendship with many amazing artists, Barry has also been a proud member of the American Airlines All-Star Band which benefits Susan B. Koman for the Cure and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. While not on tour, Barry is producing several projects in his home studio in St. Augustine,FL. During Barry's 40+ professional years, he has also had the pleasure of performing/touring/recording with many other prominent musicians. For more info, check Barry out at BarryDunaway.com

For more information on 38 Special, visit their website: 38special.com
Thanks For The Music 38 Special!




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