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Jennifer Licko

Jennifer Licko is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, and a premier Highland Dancer. Coming from North Carolina, by way of Florida, New York and now living in Ireland, she’s a proud reflection of Ireland's thriving music scene. 

Formerly a singer on the Irish pub and Scottish festival Circuit, Jennifer has performed all over the US, Ireland, UK, and western continental Europe. Her experience in many different worlds has influenced her music and writing deeply. Once struggling to stick to one style and persona, she now expresses herself most honestly by recognizing her passion for many different styles. 

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Jennifer & Alan Chapman
Mullagmore, Ireland

The Olde Quay
Bar & Restaurant
Mullaghmore, Ireland

A trained singer and pianist in classical music, Jennifer's greatest inspiration comes from Motown, R&B, Blues Country, New Age and Celtic music. The various influences have furthered Jennifer's development as a songwriter and a performing singer. 

Growing up in Eastern NC, Jennifer was influenced by her father's love for Motown, R&B and what Carolinian's call "beach music". Daughter of a Music teacher and niece of a Scottish Highland Dance teacher, Jennifer received training in both music and dance from a young age. Upon graduating with a music degree from East Carolina University, Jennifer traveled to Scotland to study abroad on a Rotary International Scholarship. She continued to spend summers in Scotland studying Gaelic music and Dance with singers such as Mairi Mac Innes , Ishbel MacAskill and Roddy Campbell. 

Sponsored by Swansboro United Methodist Church, she founded and produced a Christmas Benefit Concert for lids4kids. Her purpose was to increase awareness of this wonderful program that provides hats for Children undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and to raise money for the program to expand outside of North Carolina. She intends to make this an annual concert for Lids4kids. 

Currently, Jennifer is based on the rugged West Coast of Ireland with her partner, Alan Chapman. They have been working as a duo performing Irish ballads, traditional tunes and folk rock since 2001. 

Jennifer, Mullagmore, Ireland - Click for larger image
Mullagmore, Ireland

Jennifer's discography includes:

  • 'Cave of Gold' - Scottish and Irish songs with a traditional cross contemporary style
  • 'Language of the Gaels' - Scottish and Irish songs with partner Alan Chapman in an acoustic & world beat style
  • 'Not That Girl' - Some of Jennifer's original material in a style similar to beach music - 'Southern Soul'
Check out Jennifer's website:

Thank you Jennifer for making my trip to Ireland even more enjoyable.

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Glenda of Thanks For The Music with
Jennifer Licko at The Olde Quay Bar &
Restaurant in Mullaghmore, Ireland

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